What if I don’t want to commit to social media updates regarding the FWD program and the fact that I’m participating in your service?

Not on social media? Or, don’t want to publicly commit to the FWD program to your friends? No problem. We encourage social sharing your commitment to the program, and providing your friends and family with updates regarding your fitness journey as this system has proven to generate the best results for our clients. That said, if you prefer to remain private, we certainly can help you achieve results and get you in awesome shape, but the outcome may vary from past clients that have had the social encouragement of friends and family helping them along the way. This can be further discussed during a FREE consultation, which we encourage you to schedule to learn more.

What is the FWD 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and How Does It Work?

The Fitness We Deliver 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered to clients that select a 48 or greater personal training session package, who commit to sharing their FWD journey to their social followers with daily updates on their progress, and who stick to 3 to 5 personal training sessions weekly throughout their program.

Clients who follow this system get the greatest possible results and we’ve yet to have one past client that hasn’t been 100% satisfied to both how they feel and look following their personal training program last session.

In the event that you do follow the above and are not fully satisfied with your results, we’ll refund 100% of your personal training session fees, as our commitment to you is to help you both feel and look your best and if you’re not satisfied neither are we.

Is FWD available in my neighbourhood?

Fitness We Deliver provides at home personal training services for the Greater Toronto Area marketplace. We currently cater to the Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, and North York, Ontario markets, but are expanding quickly to support other areas of the Toronto region. If you’re outside of the areas noted and interested in FWD, please book a FREE consultation and will do our best to accommodate.

Where are fitness sessions completed? Does Fitness We Deliver have a gym facility?

The Fitness We Deliver program is a mobile, we come to your location. We provide the equipment, expertise and motivation, you provide the location. Whether at a client’s home, office, condo gym, hotel gym, or outdoors (whether permitting), we can find a location that works for you.

Are FWD Personal Trainers Certified?

Fitness We Deliver has multiple different trainers on staff, with a wide range of certifications from TRX, to certified personal trainers, to Yoga and Cross Fit specialists. Based on your fitness and health goals we’ll assess the right trainer to help you achieve your desired results. Book a FREE consultation today to learn more about our staff and how we can assist you.

What if I’ve never lifted weights, used TRX suspension straps and am not into fitness? Can the FWD program still work for me?

The Fitness We Deliver program is custom tailored to each client’s needs. Whether you’re a fitness beginner, intermediate or an advanced athlete, we can cater a program that works for you. You don’t have to be in shape, or love fitness to get amazing workout results, as our trainers will educate you on the exercises and form, coach you each step of the way and keep you both motivated and accountable.

Am I able to select between a male or female personal trainer or does it matter?

Each of our certified personal trainers has extensive experience training both male and female clients and can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. If you have a strong preference for a male or female trainer this can be discussed during a FREE consultation, along with our staff availability we’ll do whatever possible to accommodate your needs and ensure you feel comfortable.

What safety precautions exist to ensure my fitness trainer is not a criminal, or does not have a background that should worry me, especially as this trainer will be entering my home?

All of our staff have been cleared and verified from both a credit and criminal check perspective, to ensure that our clients can rest assured that staff we hire have no prior criminal charges.

What if I sign up for the Fitness We Deliver Program, and partway through the program I’m not satisfied with the service and want to cancel?

We have yet to experience this situation, but in the even that you’re not satisfied with the program part way through, we will be happy to cancel your remaining unpurchased sessions.

How does billing work? What can I expect?

Billing is broken out into a weekly charge, and is based on 3 sessions billed per week. As an example, if the hourly rate per session is $80 the rate per week would be $240 weekly until the total amount due has been exhausted.

Do I have to put down a deposit when purchasing personal training sessions?

You will notice that our pricing is discounted when purchasing greater than 8 personal training sessions. In order to offer clients ongoing savings per session by purchasing in packages of 16, 24, 36 or 48 sessions, we charge a non-refundable signup fee at the time of purchase. Trainers recoup the losses associated with discounted rates via long-term contracts with their clients. This protects our trainers in the event that a client chooses to sign up for a 48 session package only to take advantage of the low rate, and then cancel after 8 sessions.

What if I have health issues and am on medication, can I still participate in the Fitness We Deliver at home personal training program?

We recommend that you always consult with your doctor before beginning any new fitness program, especially if you have pre-existing health issues. It’s best that your doctor advises whether or not your specific health conditions are a barrier to participating in fitness. Many of our existing and past clients have had past medical issues, or maintain ongoing medication for symptoms such as high-blood pressure, cholesterol, mental health/ depression/ anxiety, etc.

Do you offer pricing for couples/ multiples?

Please see our pricing section to better understand our rates, which differ for 1 – 1 personal training vs. 2 – 1 training, which is reduced rate per client hourly.

What ages are eligible for the Fitness We Deliver Program?

We have clients that currently range from ages 14 to 70. Please book a FREE consultation to learn more, as we’re capable to train both youth and elderly clients.

Do you offer small or large fitness groups?

We don’t advertise our rates for small, medium or large fitness groups, but if this is a service you’re interested in please do contact us and I’m sure we can find something that works for you and your group, as our staff are capable to train groups.