Benefits of TRX Suspension Training on Building Your Best Body

TRX Training

You might have heard about TRX suspension training but are wondering what it’s all about, and why it may benefit you. Today’s update is all about how TRX suspension training can help you develop a bikini body and why it might be worth incorporating into your workout program.

TRX training has become a mainstay at gyms, and has become increasingly popular for at home workout programs, as it’s a super effective way to tone and sculpt your entire body, build strength, and get your heart beating, using just your body weight.

The American Council on Exercise commissioned a study of 16 healthy men and women, aiming to understand the long term effects of TRX training. Participants performed a 60 minute training sessions three time per week for eight weeks and here’s what they found:

  • Average of 400 calories burned per session
  • Significant decrease in waist circumference, body fat percentage, and resting blood pressure
  • Improved muscle strength and endurance, including significant improvements in traditional exercises such as bench press, leg press and push ups

If you’ve been avoiding including TRX suspension training exercises in your workout program because you’ve been too shy to give it a try, or if you’re currently not actively participating in a exercising program with weights and suspension bands we highly recommend incorporating it exercises within your workout program to look and feel great.

Book a free consultation today and discuss how TRX training along with weight lifting can help assist your fitness and health goals, and how a Fitness We Deliver personal trainer can develop a custom exercise program for you that includes TRX suspension training, coaching you each step of the way.

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