The Benefits of a Personal Trainer | What You Do & Don’t Need

Personal Trainer

Do you really need pay a personal trainer to count your exercise repetitions, to compliment the fact that you showed up to the gym and got dressed in exercise gear, or someone to listen to what you did this past weekend?

If your experience working out with a personal trainer involves the above and if over time you look marginally to no better than when you first began training with this individual, you and everyone else know that the answer is simple: you’re wasting your money and misleading no one but yourself.

The advantages of a personal trainer include the following:

  • An experienced professional with the capability to motivate others to do what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do on their own.
  • An experienced professional that guides you to perform exercises with proper form that are specifically targeted to ensure you look and feel your best, aligned with your workout objective and plan.
  • An experienced professional that can tell when to push you harder, and when it’s time for you to take a breather, or modify your approach to avoid over-training or injury.

Key point is that a good personal trainer requires experience, which can be gained through a variety of mediums including training certification and education, on-the-job knowledge, active or past athletic excellence, and familiarity through an active health and fitness oriented lifestyle they should be leading.

Often times educational training or certification will be used to judge a personal trainer and whether or not he/ she is qualified to provide the guidance/ insight needed to coach and train a prospective client. This is a fair criteria, but don’t get too caught up with fancy titles and certificates, as I’m sure many readers have come across someone at the office with a degree from a prestigious university or college that was far less than expected.

Here are some suggested tips when selecting a personal trainer:

  1. They look the part – if you’re trainer is out of shape and doesn’t inspire motivation through the way they look and the lifestyle they lead, why are you choosing to listen to their advice?
  2. They speak the truth – you need someone that will push you when you have more to give, someone that will tell you when your form is off vs. allowing you to feel comfortable, and someone that will make you accountable to your workout goals and not let you get away with giving up. If the personal trainer you’re considering doesn’t have a reputation for the above, or doesn’t come across that way, perhaps it’s better that you seek a trained psychologist that will listen to you speak, because chances are you’re going to be doing a lot more chatting than working out.
  3. They listen and provide realistic feedback – a good personal trainer won’t tell an out of shape mid 40 year-old man that he’s capable of looking like Sly Stallone from Rocky 4 after six weeks of training, instead they will set realistic expectations for short and long term goals and advise how a specific look can be achieved through consistent hard work and dedication.

There are some incredible personal trainers to choose from in the Vaughan, Ontario or Greater Toronto Area region, which can be found a local gyms, training studios or those that may be willing to provide at home personal training. Our advice is to do your homework, interview your trainer before committing to a program/ payment plan, and make sure he or she is the right choice for you.

If you’re seeking a personal trainer that can and will speak the truth, listen and provide honest feedback, is a trained professional, and that lives the lifestyle that you’re attempting to become part of, book a free consultation today and learn how Fitness We Deliver can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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