Invest In Your Health & Beauty before Plastic Surgery: Why Fitness Will Transform You

Fitness over Plastic Surgery

Are you among the countless population that just isn’t satisfied with their body? Do you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror naked? Have you been considering corrective plastic surgery to alter your physique? Why not turn to health and fitness first, which can completely transform how you look as well as how you feel about yourself.

Many Vaughan, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario residents can identify with the comment “I want to look good and feel good naked”, and according to the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery has been on the rise year after year.

The appeal of plastic surgery often centres on immediate results and the concept of shaping your look and feel to your desire, within reason. While there are benefits associated with plastic surgery, there are cons such as botched procedures, high costs, recovery time, and potential harmful impacts of becoming addicted to cosmetic alterations, with the inability to find satisfaction despite the top ranked surgeon that may have performed the procedure.

Before turning to go under the knife why not consider a natural solution such as fitness and strength training to aid looking and feeling your best that can promote positive habits..

If you’re the type that desires to shape the way you look and feel, we truly believe that a life of fitness and learning about nutrition and how it can aid the way you feel about yourself as well as the amazing ways it can allow you to shape your body is the number one place to start.

Here are the Fitness We Deliver Top 10 Reasons to Lift Weights:

  1. Science – Penn State researchers identified through trial studies on weight loss that participants who lifted weights lost 40% more body fat than those that just performed cardio exercises
  2. Your clothes will fit better – one pound of fat takes up 18% more mass than one pound of muscle. In other words, a 115 pound woman with 20% body fat can look substantially slimmer than a 115 pound woman with 30% body fat
  3. You’ll burn more calories – lifting weights actually increases the amount of calories you burn while doing nothing, as it promotes muscle gain and muscles burn more calories per pound than fat while your static, such as watching TV
  4. Your nutrition will improve – it’s easier to stick to healthy eating when incorporating fitness into your daily routine. If you woke up at 6 am and worked your butt off with a Fitness We Deliver personal trainer, it’s easier to second guess giving into temptations, like an afternoon doughnut
  5. You’ll handle stress betterscientists have determined that the fittest people exhibited less stress when under pressure, with quicker returns to normal blood pressure when under stress too
  6. You’ll be happierscientists reported that people who lifted weights at least three times per week over 6 months improved their scores regarding overall mood than non weight lifting participants
  7. You’ll get into shape faster than cardio exercises – lifting weights increases your heart rate approximately 15 beats per minute higher than if you ran 60 to 70 percent of your max heart rate.
  8. You’ll improve your productivityresearchers found that weight lifting participants were 15% more productive on days they lifted, which can only help improve your career and help you get things done quicker, leading to more time for yourself
  9. You’ll live longerUniversity of South Carolina researchers determined that total-body strength is associated with lower risks of death from heart disease and cancer.
  10. You’ll become smarter – Brazilian researchers noted that muscles strengthen both your body and mind, resulting in better short and long term memory.

Why Are Service is Right for You:

  1. Learn how to shape your body and maximize your physique through fitness and weight lifting, such as booty building tips to look like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez
  2. Improve your knowledge on how to work out, what exercises to perform and why, through the guidance of a certified personal trainer that will coach and motivate you
  3. Stay committed to your fitness journey and develop the body you’ve always wanted by training with a professional coach that will help push you to achieve your goals and ensure you have fun during each training session too, with positive guidance and feedback on your form

Book a FREE consultation today to learn how we can help you develop the best you possible.

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