Smile Now, Pay Later | How Lifting Weights Is The Best Insurance Policy

Lifting weights is the best insurance policy to living well

It’s easy to find reasons not to stay in shape and why lifting weights is not your thing. Let’s face it, in today’s society we’re all busy with something. Whether it’s your career, family life, or a demanding social schedule, competing interests for time will always be a challenge unless you’re willing to make excuses as to why your personal health is too valuable to overlook.

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The Benefits of a Personal Trainer | What You Do & Don’t Need

Personal Trainer

Do you really need pay a personal trainer to count your exercise repetitions, to compliment the fact that you showed up to the gym and got dressed in exercise gear, or someone to listen to what you did this past weekend?

If your experience working out with a personal trainer involves the above and if over time you look marginally to no better than when you first began training with this individual, you and everyone else know that the answer is simple: you’re wasting your money and misleading no one but yourself.

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Get Fit | Ever Wonder What Fitness Program Works?

Get Fit - What You Need to Do

You’ve likely read various magazines, online articles and heard about numerous crazy workout programs about how to get fit.

Ever wondered what exercise program is right for you? The answer is actually pretty simple – any program that you’re committed to performing 3 to 5 times per week, finding ways to stay moving such as walking or jogging when not lifting weights, coupled with a healthy nutrition program is bound to help you get fit when followed for  90+ consecutive days.

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Benefits of TRX Suspension Training on Building Your Best Body

TRX Training

You might have heard about TRX suspension training but are wondering what it’s all about, and why it may benefit you. Today’s update is all about how TRX suspension training can help you develop a bikini body and why it might be worth incorporating into your workout program. Read more